Birthdays are one of the most important days for anyone because they celebrate the celebrant’s life and what they have achieved in life when they hit another year. However, it’s arguably more important for children because it’s an opportunity to make a wish for their future. Naturally, there’s no better way to celebrate a child’s birthday than by having a party.

A kids’ birthday party is a special occasion because the celebrant has delicious food and has fun with their friends. Like any other event, it also requires a certain degree of preparedness, such as where to celebrate. A birthday party’s venue can make or break the event’s ambience, so you’d do well to find the perfect location. While it might seem too big of a task, the good news is that we’ve listed some tips to help you. These include:

#1 – Know the Number of Guests Who Will Attend

First and foremost, you should talk to the birthday person about the number of people who will attend their birthday party. In many cases, you will see that the number of guests is lower than the number of people who have been invited. It’s because some people may have had prior engagements and won’t be able to attend, while others might have been a bit short on time and would have to enter the venue later.

Regardless, you need to know the number of people attending because it’ll make the rest of the preparations easier. Discuss the matter with the celebrant, and you’ll be able to plan the event according to the number of guests.

#2 – Check the Venue’s Capacity

Once the number of guests is down, you should check if the venue can accommodate them. You may be amazed that the venue you’ve been eyeing can accommodate twice or thrice the number of expected guests. If that’s the case, you wouldn’t have to struggle to find another venue for the birthday celebration.

There’s no point in booking a venue that cannot accommodate the number of guests you have invited. That’s why you should always check the venue’s capacity before signing a contract.

#3 – Consider Guest Accessibility

The party’s location should be easy to reach. There’s no point in booking a venue far from the celebrants and their guests. If people have difficulty going to the venue, they may end up staying away. You may have a good time, but it won’t do much good if the birthday celebrant and their guests aren’t able to enjoy the party thoroughly.

For example, if you’re having a birthday party for one of your young children, don’t book a venue located in the heart of a busy area. They’ll have a hard time leaving the venue later because there will be so many people. If you have friends and relatives coming from faraway places, ensure the venue is accessible to them.

#4 – Determine What Type of Party You’ll Have

Some birthday parties are suited for a specific venue, while another best suits others. If you have a quiet adult party, you may be better served by a restaurant ideal for quiet conversations. If you want a sports-themed party, you may wish to have it in an area close to a park.

Similarly, if you have a child’s birthday party, don’t just have it in a quiet restaurant or a park because they’ll get bored. Choose an interactive place or choose a theme that can be brought to life through props or costumes.

#5 – Set a Budget

Booking venues can get expensive, especially those located in busy areas. That’s why you should set a budget before you start your search. The first thing to do is determine how much money you’re willing to spend on the venue.

If you want a modern venue, you must be prepared to pay a higher price. Likewise, if you want a venue that’s located in a big city, expect to pay a hefty price. After setting your budget, use that as your basis for selecting an appropriate venue.


Having a birthday party for a child can be just as exciting as stressful because you’ll have to plan and get everything in order. However, you should start with the venue first because it’s where everything will happen. When you do, it’s only a matter of ensuring everything goes well on the big day.

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