No one can resist an ’80s-themed party, and it will appeal to guests of all ages. In fact, it’s all the rage with the younger generation. This is why it makes a great event theme.

While a themed party may seem difficult to pull off, it’s much easier when you follow a few guidelines. Doing so will help you find the right motif as your event’s foundation.

In this article, we’ll share a list of birthday party ideas centred around the 80s!

Dress Up for the Party

In the 1980s, fashion was like nothing else before or since. Encourage children to dress up in ’80s-inspired costumes; they will have more fun that way. If you need help with ideas, make a cheat sheet of ’80s ensembles for your children to study. 

Madonna concert-goers might wear turtlenecks, shoulder pads, high-waist jeans, baggy pants, and an old T-shirt. If you only sew leg warmers for them, your children will already feel like it’s a costume party. 

The party will be more fun if kids and adults wear costumes that complement each other!

Cassettes and VHS tapes

Most of your children have never seen a VHS tape or listened to a cassette tape. In the 1980s, movies and CDs were different than they are now. Even the music and films were all in the past tense. Include a retro theme at your party. 

An old VCR and stereo can be placed in the centre of the room and play tapes while the kids watch, whether dancing or just watching. Put pictures of VHS cassettes and tapes on your invitations or party theme and decorations. 

On YouTube, you can listen to music from that era, including 80s commercials, which will make your party even better.

Cutouts of 80s Movie Characters

Music, fashion, and movies were all big hits in the 1980s. To celebrate the decade’s greatest movies, decorate your party with cutouts of your favourite movie characters. 

You should bring the Terminator, Indiana Jones, and Doc Brown from Back to the Future to your party. Fantasy and horror movie characters, like Beetlejuice and Freddie Krueger, are also fun to add. 

The likes of Mad Max and the Blues Brothers can also be a hit, along with Star Wars’ Yoda.

Candy Bars of the Past

A throwback candy bar can make an excellent party favour. You should always include Sour Patch Kids, Skittles, Nerds, Runts, Razzles, and other classic candies if you’re going for a nostalgic theme. 

Tootsie Pops and Chupa Chups don’t get much love in the United States these days, but if you’re looking for ways to jazz up your party, you’d be remiss to overlook these classic favourites.


You have a successful gaming party by stocking up on decorations. The original arcade games are a great place to start, and you can get the spirit of the ’80s going by playing Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. 

Print posters of these classic characters and set up a cashier station for the machines. The youngsters will get into an ’80s groove by using 8-bit graphics around your celebration space to invoke the old-school video games. 

For a tee-totally ’80s party, scatter Rubik’s Cubes around the tables or give them out as prizes. The best decorations will enhance the theme and contribute to the overall ambience of your celebration.


Everyone can have a great time at an ’80s-themed party. Parents and children alike will enjoy reliving the carefree days of their childhood with this theme. All you need is the right vision and the right helpers to give you a sense of direction.

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