As parents and loved ones, it is a must to always celebrate our children’s birthdays. In fact, some of us may even devote months to theme development alone and more for the rest of the party planning stages.

Today, we’ll discuss the basics as well as tips to throw an animé-themed party. Before you assume that this is a daunting task, know that anime-themed parties actually have a lot of decorations, food, activities, and favours you can choose from. Furthermore, anime is a great party theme because everyone can dress up and enjoy talking about their favourite characters and storylines.

Read on to learn how to throw an anime party for your kids!

Gear Up on the Anime Invitations

To buy anime invitations online, search for “anime invites.” You may also send invitations out. Look for “printable anime trading cards” on the internet. You can use the template in conjunction with office supplies.

Put on an Anime Character Disguise

Choose a well-known anime character or one from your favourite anime. You can choose an anime character based on their clothing. Each anime character has unique traits or accessories that can be mimicked.

Curate Anime Playlists

Anime soundtracks are available online and on streaming platforms. As such, it’ll be easy to make playlists that will last the duration of the party. Install speakers or stream music from an internet-connected Smart TV.

Music, including anime soundtracks, should be played. Try J-Pop, anime theme songs, or Vocaloid music in the style of Hatsune Miku.

Put On an Anime Film

Anime can be projected on a wall with the help of a DVD player, computer, and projector. Classic anime examples include Yu Yu Hakusho, Pokémon, and Dragon Ball Z.

Create Anime Party Favours

To create a Japanese-American atmosphere, use takeout containers as party favours. Wrap them in a party-themed ribbon. Attach chopsticks to the bow or knot on the ribbon of each box.

You can include anything you like, such as anime keychains, chocolates, erasers, or temporary tattoos. Anime stuff is available through online stores.

Prepare the main courses and side dishes. It may be easier to order meals if you are organizing a large event. Japanese eateries can be found in both online and physical directories.

Beverages with a Japanese theme can also be served during your gathering. Serve non-alcoholic beverages to children’s parties. Non-alcoholic beverages sold in Asian markets include green tea, cherry blossom tea, soy milk, and Japanese sodas.

Play Anime-Themed Games

Anime-themed games will assure your party’s success. A variety of classic party games with an anime-inspired twist would go well with your theme. These games don’t require any setup or extra materials, making them great for on-the-fly amusement.

Anime video games are heavily featured in the plots of various anime episodes and films. Almost every show your child adores has an anime video game. Choose one of the many multiplayer fighting games.

Pull Out the Anime Decorations 

1. The Anime Balloons

Make balloons into cartoons. Local party supply stores may have the necessary balloons. A third alternative is to buy balloons online. You have the option of purchasing helium-filled balloons or inflating them yourself.

2. The Anime Photo Frames

Buy photo frames from a craft store or a discount store. After the celebration, you can replace the originals with photo frames. Print anime screenshots to fit the frames. Distribute them throughout the party.

3. The Anime Character Cards 

Anime characters that can be printed Tents are made from rectangular pieces of cardboard folded in half. Attach an anime figure to each dish and title it below. The Japanese translation can also be presented on place cards. Place the place cards next to the dishes that they describe.


Perhaps you are the type of parent to get excited over your kid’s birthday party. If that’s the case, learn about your kid’s interests, such as Animé and cartoons, and build their birthday parties around the characters they love. This way, they can enjoy what you have prepared for them!

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