A birthday is usually a memorable event. The sixteenth birthday is a watershed moment for many teenagers. It’s a unique occasion to mark their transition into maturity and new obligations. A coming-of-age celebration is appropriate for such a life occasion, as it recognises their progress and achievements.

Here are some pointers on how you can prepare for the event, along with fun party theme ideas, and where to find a party planner in Perth: 

Preparing for the Event

Decide On A Theme

Take the time to discuss the birthday girl’s or boy’s preferred theme for their celebration. Once you’ve decided on a theme for your birthday party, the remainder of the preparations will be much easier. They might desire a neon party with face paint, glow sticks, and a neon sign. The topic will determine everything, so choose it first.

Select A Date and Time

Set the date and time of the event based on the specified theme. Consider throwing a night party if the theme includes dancing. We recommend a daytime event for an escape-at-the-spa theme. Keep in mind that until you discover a suitable venue, you must be honest about your ideal day and time.

Choose A Location

Choose an event venue that can accommodate both day and night reservations. It’s worth noting that not all rental sites are available during the day. It’s best to decide this early if you plan to hold the event early. You’ll be able to swiftly limit your options to venues that can work with your schedule.

Send Invitations 

Order your invitations ahead of time, or start making them yourself if you’re going to do it yourself. Include information about the party’s location and where RSVPs should be sent. 

Pick Food Selections 

As you may assume, your menu will be determined by the party’s theme. Is it going to be a traditional sit-down meal or a more casual affair? Decide on the food and beverages you’ll serve once decided. Make sure to place your order ahead of time to avoid any last-minute issues. If you want to be as seamless as possible, you can also look for party catering in Perth. 

Arrange For Entertainment

Make a list of the activities you’d like to have at the party. To provide great entertainment for your guests, you may wish to hire a DJ or a band. To make the gathering more entertaining, including participation activities or dance contests. Your DJ, party planner in Perth, or band leader will almost certainly have some inventive entertainment suggestions for you.

Themes for Sweet 16 Parties

You can’t settle on a party theme? Here are some sweet 16 party theme suggestions to assist you and the birthday girl/boy create a memorable teen celebration:

Disco Dance Party No. 1

Dance gatherings are popular with people of all ages. On the other hand, teens have their own musical and dance preferences. Speak with the DJ ahead of time to inquire about their preferred playlists. Then add a mirror ball and a slew of flashing lights, and you’re good to go!

E-Girl/Boy vs. VSCO

Because of Tik Tok’s popularity, VSCO ladies’ and social influencers’ styles have taken over the internet; perhaps your adolescent has even figured out how to buy TikTok likes for their profile and is on their path to being an influencer.

Spa Day Celebration

Massages, manicures, pedicures, facials, and haircuts are great ways to pamper your guests. Engage a hairstylist and encourage everyone to try a fresh look. Give out nail polish, lip balms, or fragrant candles as party favours.


With these unique sweet 16-party ideas, you can make the occasion even more memorable. With our simple recommendations, you can throw a memorable and enjoyable 16th birthday party, ensuring that the event is a success. Of course, if you need more ideas for party entertainment in Perth, you can always consult with a party planner. 

Stealth Events provides end-to-end, unique experiences for children’s birthday parties and baby showers. Our parties are all-inclusive; tell us your gender and age range, and we’ll do the rest. Stealth Events provides end-to-end, unique experiences for children’s birthday parties and baby showers. Our parties are all-inclusive; tell us your gender and age range, and we’ll do the rest as your party planner in Perth