Practising party etiquette isn’t just reserved for the period during the gathering. Party etiquette before, during and after the party is equally important, so it’s best to be aware of the specifics of what you should be doing.

Simultaneously, it’s important to recognise that party etiquette isn’t just for grand dance balls or big family dinners. Even events such as baby showers warrant their own set of unspoken rules, which are simply a must to follow to make the party a success.

It would do you well to familiarise yourself with the following dos and don’ts to get your baby shower party etiquette down if you’re organising the baby shower, getting in touch with professional event services to help you out with the preparation and stick with the etiquette.

Continue reading to know what party etiquette to tell regarding a baby shower:

Planning a Baby Shower

It’s common for moms to take charge in planning the baby shower and the most popular way to do this is to send out a baby shower invitation. However, it’s also good to work with or have professionals organise the party. After all, they already know what they’re going to do, given their knowledge of what’s needed for the baby shower.

Hosting a Baby Shower

There are certain unspoken rules that you need to know for you to practice excellent baby shower etiquette as a host. For instance, you need to know how to dress appropriately for the baby shower and how to talk to other guests. At the very least, greeting your guests is a must as well.

Budgeting for a Baby Shower

It’s important to know how much can be spent on a baby shower. Plus, the parents are ultimately responsible for the overall budget of the baby shower. Adhere to the maximum budget you’ve set for yourself in the future. For etiquette, it’s always a must to get the parents’ approval first before making and solidifying decisions.

Giving Party Invitations

It’s a common practice to have expectant parents send out baby shower invitations. As an unspoken rule, it’s natural to invite over the family members, relatives, and close friends of the parents. There’s no need to invite any acquaintances, especially with limited accommodation and the like.

Accepting Baby Gifts

The unspoken rule in party etiquette for guests is to usually bring gifts. For the hosts, accepting gifts on behalf of the parents is important. A grateful approach is ideal, expressed in a simple “thank you for thinking about us”. The expectant parents should be allowed to open their baby gifts in private.

Deciding on Activities

Baby shower activities are usually composed of questions and answers, icebreaker games, and so on. Staples such as the cake-cutting and the gift-giving are always included as well. The activities should be able to keep up with the theme of the party, and the hosts can choose which segments to contain and exclude.


Baby shower etiquette is something that you should keep in mind if you’re planning on hosting such a party in the future. By recalling and implementing this, it’s easy to know that the party will, more or less, run smoothly.

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