Nowadays, travelling doesn’t come easy. In fact, going out with your kids may still be unsafe. Thus, instead of having your child’s birthday party at a rented venue or somewhere fancy, have it outdoors.

For outdoor parties, you can be creative with the theme, cuisine, and games. You can hold these parties out on your lawn or garden, a park, or the beach. Simply account for weather forecasts to make your plans appropriately.

Read on for these ten refreshing ideas for kids’ outdoor parties this year.

1. The DIY Dye Party

Children will be able to tie-dye t-shirts, beach towels, socks, and scrunchies at this party. Allow children to create with tie-dye kits. Send the kids home with instructions on how to care for their tie-dyed items.

2. The Garden Camping

S’mores, campfire singing, and a hike are all in order even in the backyard. A summer camp-themed party is an excellent opportunity to prepare and play kid-friendly snacks and games.

3. The Outdoor Movie Night

Under the stars, watch a movie projected onto a bed sheet. Because the event begins after dark, give out glow sticks as party favours.

4. The Baby Olympics

Make obstacle courses and relay competitions to capture the Olympics theme. For the prizes, wrap a cookie in gold paper and tie it with a ribbon before the “athletes” leave.

5. The Family Game Day

Have a fun family gaming night. Checkers and cornhole are fun outdoor pastimes for the whole family. You may also use spray paint to make your children’s favourite pastimes, such as a Twister board and buckets loaded with balls for skee balls.

6. The Bubble Pop Party

Bubble parties are fun for kids of all ages. Set up bubble machines as the kids make their own bubble wands. Fill a baby pool with bubble solution and place the kids in it while you hula hoop around them.

7. The Small Arts Festival

Throw a creative party for the kids where they can explore their artistic side. Let children make a mess by filling squirt guns with paint and using giant canvases as targets, or making slime to inspire children’s imaginations.

8. The BBQ Bash

In a BBQ bash, children can design and sow seeds, flowers, or succulents in attractive pots in a garden. Make sensory bins out of the soil and kid-friendly gardening equipment, then put cupcakes and flowers in little clay pots. Send youngsters home with small watering cans holding seedlings after the festivities.

9. The Mini-Putt Session

To enjoy a mini-putt session, try things the DIY way by making a small golf course out of boxes, balloons, and pool noodles. Sandboxes can be turned into sand traps, and a big open area can be turned into a driving range. Beach balls can be used by junior golfers.

10. The Glow-in-the-dark Fun

Because the story starts at night, it is best suited for older children. Glow-in-the-dark necklaces, glow sticks, and plastic glasses should be used to brighten the party over tea lights.


Children’s parties are supposed to be a time where kids can have fun and be free and creative. This is why we love to suggest outdoor settings where children and their parents can savour the day and make memories. As you plan your next kids’ party, remember to keep these cool ideas in mind!
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