Baby showers are wonderful occasions to plan, and if you are trying to keep the baby shower a secret from the mom-to-be, you can encounter a few difficulties. For example, you may know her well and have the best intentions, but that doesn’t mean problems won’t occur. A surprise baby shower must be planned thoroughly to ensure its success.

DO Choose a Theme for the Baby Shower

Ideally, you should plan to have a specific theme, such as woodland animals or marine life. From this theme, you can determine the colour scheme and decorations. For example, if you plan a sea-themed baby shower, you could use blue and white decorations and décor. There is no good reason to have a baby shower themed as nothing in particular.

DON’T Set Hold the Baby Shower Too Close to the Birth

A baby shower public announcement will give family, friends, and workmates time to prepare gifts, which will make the new baby even more welcomed. More time will also allow everyone to contact the shower host, who can then send out the shower invitations.

DON’T Invite Those Who May Not Be on Good Terms with the Mom-To-Be

It can be very awkward to have someone not on good terms with the mom-to-be attending the baby shower. You want the shower to be a happy occasion, not one of stress and arguments. It is often best not to invite people around whom the mom-to-be is uncomfortable. It just isn’t worth the stress you could cause the mom-to-be and the pressure the mom-to-be could cause you.

DO Choose the Baby Shower Venue in Advance

If you are planning a baby shower for a loved one, it is a good idea to use your own home or the home of one of your friends or family. If this is not possible, you should plan a venue. You should be able to select from home, a restaurant, or a wedding venue. If you plan the baby shower for a coworker or someone you don’t know very well, the best choice might be a restaurant. You can book the reservation or check availability.

DON’T Leave Details to Assumptions and Expectations

You should give yourself enough time to do the planning. You should not assume the mom-to-be will like what you do, and you should not assume she won’t like your ideas. Make sure to get inquiries ahead of time, and then set a date for the plans to be made for the shower.

DO Send Invitations for the Event

Your invite should have all of the information guests need, such as times, dates, and location. You should also include a request for gifts if anyone is not sure what to bring.


Baby showers are a great way to celebrate a new baby. The shower should be planned well so that the mom-to-be will have a pleasant time and enjoy the shower. You can achieve this by ensuring that the baby shower is personal and unique in its own way.

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