When you plan a birthday party for one of your kids, you have the chance to do something unique. Of course, it’s natural to feel anxious about getting everything right. But as long as you avoid making these common mistakes, you’ll be on your way to hosting a party that’s as wonderful as your child is. Plus, you might even enjoy yourself in the process!

1. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Book Your Kid’s Birthday Party Venue

When you’ve got so many things to organise, the last thing you need is to be worrying about where to hold the actual party. So why not get something out of the way early? If you leave too much time between your booking and the event itself, you might have to settle for an inconvenient location or a package that’s not quite what you want it to be.

2. Don’t Leave Information Off the Invitation

When planning a birthday party invitation, it’s very tempting to make it look like one of the kid’s birthday party invitation templates that are so popular online. But if you do that, you must remember to include all the necessary details.

Your child will be happy to receive an invitation that looks like a pirate’s treasure map, as long as they know where they’re going and when. List your details clearly, and include all the important information.

3. Don’t Forget to Keep Track of RSVPs

Knowing how many people you should be expecting is always good, so don’t forget to ask for RSVPs. If you want to keep the day running smoothly and know who is coming and who isn’t, then you should ensure you have a way to respond to your guests’ replies. You might even want to include a line asking if they’ll be bringing a gift so that you have time to buy something if they don’t already have one.

4. Don’t Assume You Have Enough Time to Plan

You might be so used to having a lot of things to organise and so little time that you might be tempted to plan a kid’s birthday party on the fly. But this can be very stressful, and you might find that you don’t end up with a party that looks as good as you’d like it to.

So make sure you make your plans in advance, so you have plenty of time to make a shopping list, order supplies, and perhaps even prepare some of the food yourself.

5. Don’t Plan It All Yourself

A kid’s birthday party doesn’t have to be a marathon of stressful and exhausting work. Why not ask your friends and family to pitch in and help?

It’s easy to think that you’re too busy to do this, but you’re bound to feel better if you let others help with the party planning. You’ll have more time to relax when you get other people involved, knowing that the party will be great.


Planning a kid’s birthday party can be very stressful, so you must do everything you can to avoid making silly mistakes. By planning and enlisting the help of friends and family, you can put the fun back into your party planning.

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